Snippet: How Cory Doctorow Got Scammed ☇

Shared on February 5, 2024

Cory Doctorow:

I’ve been mulling this over for most of a month now, and one thing has really been eating at me: the way that AI is going to make this kind of problem much worse.

Not because AI is going to commit fraud, though. […]

As this kind of fraud reporting and fraud contacting is increasingly outsourced to AI, bank customers will be conditioned to dealing with semi-automated systems that make stupid mistakes, force you to repeat yourself, ask you questions they should already know the answers to, and so on. In other words, AI will groom bank customers to be phishing victims.

If this can happen to even a tech-savvy, intelligent individual, there’s no hope for a lot of the population. There is a fine line between terrible, outsourced customer service and social engineering that might mess up a few details. I think this is going to get much worse—hold on to your butts!

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