Snippet: How OTA Updates Work (…Or Can’t Update to iOS 8?) ☇

Shared on October 9, 2014

Amit Jain breaks down the specific process for installing an over-the-air iOS update and why you need so much space:

So, there’s this problem on the Internet and its being caused by a seeming lack of foresight. What a shock! I am referring to iOS 8’s (not so) mysterious stall in upgrade pace. The prime suspect is a lack of free space on the target devices. iOS 8 asks for 5GB of free space on the disk for update. That’s a near impossible ask for devices with only 16GB of onboard storage. After the OS taking up about 4 and people using the device for a year taking photos and installing apps, not much is really left. I personally know people who constantly tap “OK” on low space warning on their device. It’s unacceptable that Apple still sells these! Anyway, let’s talk about why iOS 8 needs 5BG of free space.

Spoiler: No it’s not a senseless threshold set by morons.

If you can’t free up space, you can always update through iTunes.

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