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Snippet: How the iPhone 6 Ruined Apple ☇

Shared on January 30, 2016

Dr. Drang:

While it’s certainly possible that the great days of iPhone sales growth are over, I wouldn’t make that prediction just yet. In fact, I was surprised to learn that iPhone sales were merely flat. I was expecting a decline—not because the iPhone is losing popularity, but because the iPhone 6’s first quarter of sales was such a gigantic leap upward. The pent-up demand for a larger iPhone caused sales to increase nearly 50% year over year, to 74.47 million from 51.03 million the year before.

I agree with this notion, and that the iPhone 6 still feels modern enough for most people (there are actually a lot of people still on iPhone 5Ses and quite satisfied). Mix in the end of the two-year contract and it’s almost the perfect storm for people hanging onto their iPhones longer between upgrades.

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