Snippet: How to Build a 5-Acre WiFi Network ☇

Shared on July 17, 2020

Matt Haughey:

Last year I moved to a house with some property, and it had a separate garage a hundred feet or so away from the main house. At first, I tried Netgear Orbi mesh networking points to connect them but I couldn’t reliably get one wireless point in my house’s window to connect to the other point in the garage. So I started doing some research, and going down some rabbit holes.

Remember 20 years ago when Maker Magazine was new and all about building pringles-can wifi antennas? While the idea is the same, there’s a ton of great, cheap, reliable, fast wireless points these days that have taken that concept further. Plus, you can buy them on Amazon and set them up easily with your computer or phone.

As someone that has mostly gone all-in on Ubiquiti, and used both their UniFi products at home and work, and AirMax at work, this is a very approachable introduction for anyone looking to expand their network over a larger area.

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