Snippet: Hulu Gives Jerry a PC ☇

Shared on June 23, 2015

Christina Warren:

…Hulu recreated nearly every aspect of the Season 8-era Seinfeld apartment with great attention to detail.

Except for one thing. They gave Jerry an old PC.

In the words of Cosmo Kramer, “Oh, come on!”

After Carrie Bradshaw, Jerry Seinfeld might be the most visible Mac user in 1990s television. Over the course of Seinfeld’s 9 seasons, Jerry’s apartment frequently showed off various models of the Macintosh. Everything from the Mac SE/30 to a PowerBook Duo with Duo Dock, to the 20th anniversary Macintosh were featured on the show.

I even tracked down a Season 8 episode and sure enough — Jerry has a Performa/PowerPC on his desk.

Although nobody drew attention to Jerry’s computer on the show, it was in quite a lot of scenes and seemed to fit with his character. The detail stands out as if they put Batman figures around the pop-up apartment or a Ferrari poster on the wall. Instead, Hulu chose to find the Uncle Leo of computers.

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