Snippet: I Got Hacked an All I Got Was This New SIM Card ☇

Shared on July 8, 2017

Justin Williams:

I like to think I take an above average amount of steps to secure myself online: I use a password manager, unique passwords as complex as the site will allow, and turn on 2-factor authentication when possible. A true security expert will likely find some sort of flaw in my setup, but I’ll argue that I am doing more than 95% of the planet.

So how did I, someone who is reasonably secure, have his cell phone disabled, his PayPal account compromised, and a few hundred dollars withdrawn from his bank account?

From what it sounds like, an AT&T representative screwed up royally to allow this to happen. Mix in PayPal being terrible (yours truly dealt with PayPal fraud last summer and it was a headache) and it kind of makes you want to remove as many extra services and processes as possible. With things like Google Authenticator, Authy, and others, SMS two-factor needs to go away soon.

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