Snippet: Iconfactory Founder Corey B. Marion Passes Away at 54 ☇

Shared on June 3, 2022

The Iconfactory:

Our beloved Iconfactory founder, Corey B. Marion, lost his multi-year battle with cancer this past week, he was 54. It’s difficult to put his loss into words except to say that without Corey, there would quite literally be no Iconfactory. Corey, Ged and Talos met in 1994 and we soon began a journey together that spanned 28 years. From day one, Corey did exactly what he loved most – designing, pushing pixels and creating icons.

I received my copy of The iOS App Icon Book by Michael Flarup on the day the Iconfactory announced Marion’s passing and it hit just a little harder as there’s an Iconfactory section. His work and the company he created was definitely an integral part of my formative years with Apple products.

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