Snippet: IDC Estimates That Macintosh Sales Slipped at Nearly Twice the Market Rate ☇

Shared on July 18, 2016

Nick Heer for for Pixel Envy:

Apple’s sales decline is an 8.3% reduction compared to the year-ago quarter. Given that the most recent Macintosh news — the discontinuation of the Thunderbolt Display notwithstanding — was a spec bump of the MacBook, this is completely unsurprising. MacRumors’ own buyers’ guide shows a “Don’t Buy” indicator below every Mac except the MacBook.

Although I’m looking forward to an iOS-only future and do appreciate some of the progress in that regard, it is very strange how the Mac lineup has gotten so old. I suspect the Air will be done and sell as-is until the MacBook is cheap enough to take its place. Non-Retina iMacs will eventually disappear, too. As for the Mac Pro and Mac mini, we might as well take bets for if those will be upgraded before or after the iPhone 8 launch.

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