Snippet: If Apple Was More Like Samsung ☇

Shared on January 9, 2013

JP Mangalindan muses on the idea of Apple’s phone lineup were as large as Samsung’s for Fortune:

…While Apple released one new iPhone last year, Samsung let loose a whopping 37 different phone variations. (For those keeping score, HTC released 18, Nokia introduced nine, and LG launched 24.) Certainly good hardware design played a role in Samsung’s healthy sales. But it also didn’t hurt that the company flooded the market.

Which begs the question: What would a world with 37 new and different iPhone models look like?

Hilarity ensues. My favorite fake names are iPhone ShowOff II 4G, iPhone Flipabout Ultra, and iPhone TripleTime. A few years back, I used to joke that a job I’d like would be selecting catchy names for mobile phones.

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