Snippet: Imperfectly Perfect ☇

Shared on February 14, 2017

Ian Bogost for The Atlantic:

The only problem with this conclusion: Apple has never accomplished sufficiently great design in its electronics to justify lionizing the pedantry of design at the new Apple campus.

While Bogost does bring up some areas that Apple has dropped the ball, the whole article feels like a Apple greatest non-hits compilation. Some of the items outlined are because of specific causes that made them that way, while others I can wholeheartedly complain about myself. However, the general feel of the piece looks to check all the boxes: antennagate, iTunes, USB-C-only, 1984, fascism (wait what?)

Some of it is silly, like the fact that you actually can use Apple Pay without Touch ID (it prompts you for a passcode after failed fingerprint reads) or the size of the MacBook Air’s AC adapter (seriously?), but Apple’s fans aren’t getting a reality check here—most of us know of the imperfections and little frustrating things that could be better. In most cases, we overlook those because the overall experience is better than the alternatives. As a small case in point: where is the rest of the >$200 tablet market if the iPad is such pompous junk?

I’m all for good reporting and questioning concerns, especially regarding Apple, but this seemed like a classic attempt for page views and controversy, along with throwing a few digs in about Apple’s new campus.

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