Snippet: In Case Brent Doesn’t Write There Again ☇

Shared on October 9, 2021

Brent Simmons:

This blog is almost 22 years old, and in all that time I’ve been solid about posting regularly — until this recent dry spell.

I skipped the summer. Last post was in June. There was just one that month, and just one in May.

I have an explanation: while my health and physical circumstances are unchanged and, happily, fine, I have not felt the drive to write here that I always felt.

*Checks footer*…oh, I’ve also been doing this for 22 years and *checks sparse list of recent posts* things have also slowed down here. I get what Simmons is going through—while there’s a lot of technology-related things to talk about, so much of it is mature or I’ve already expressed an opinion on. The Facebook outage? Probably would’ve been worth a post in 2007. New iPhones? Even if I didn’t get one, would’ve been worth covering.

Instead, I’ve sort of found in the last year that I want to cover or share things that I think are worth posting, rather than just because it’s a big story or everyone else is covering it somehow. It might have changed the frequency of posts, but I’ll be sticking around for a bit. If you’re subscribed via RSS or Twitter, thank you. If not, there are a number of ways to (shameless plug).

Snippets are posts that share a linked item with a bit of commentary.