Snippet: Instacast Discontinued ☇

Shared on June 18, 2015

Caitlin McGarry for Macworld:

The app’s [Instacast] parent company, Vemedio, sent an email to subscribers indicating that the abrupt move was due to money issues. In the email, which was obtained by 9to5Mac, Vemedio founder Martin Hering said he “ran out of funds to keep the project going.”

The freemium app did make some money through subscriptions, with 6-month memberships going for $9.99 and yearly ones available for $14.99. With its brand new Apple Watch app, Instacast seemed to be innovating up until its sudden death.

I used Instacast for many years before moving to Apple’s Podcasts app, Castro, and Overcast and really enjoyed a number of its features. Still, I felt the subscription model was hard to understand and not very necessary, which made it a hard sell for the average customer. It’s a shame to see a longtime third-party tool discontinued, but it seems a lot of people have moved on.

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