Snippet: iOS Devices Want a Longer Holiday Break ☇

Shared on January 2, 2013

A number of folks are returning to work today and trying to get into a routine. For those who have scheduled iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb feature, their iOS devices will also be struggling to get back into work mode. After January 1, some devices would enter Do Not Disturb mode, but not leave it, unless you deactivated it manually. After the alarm clock bug of the past, and now this, shouldn’t we just assume that there will always be some sort of issue with iOS and January 1st?

Update: Apple has posted a support document stating that the problem should resolve itself on Monday:

Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

To turn off the scheduling feature, tap Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb and switch Scheduled to Off.

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