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Snippet: iPad Optics ☇

Shared on March 30, 2017

Horace Dediu:

Note that the iPad decline is paired with a steady increase in the Mac. The iPad exhibits a four year decrease in overall volumes. This has, as they say, bad optics.

But what is seen isn’t all that might be,

If we look further we see that the iPad is still a much loved and much used product. Data from the Pew Internet Survey shows that tablet ownership among US adults increased from 45% in April 2015 to 48% in April 2016 and 51% in November 2016. The rise has been steady. Although this counts tablets, the iPad had 85% share of the U.S. market for tablets priced above $200 so it’s a fair assumption that the iPad audience is growing. Similar data exists for the UK.

For a device that supposedly sounds doomed and serves no point with smartphones and traditional computers, I hear a lot of buzz about iPads and see them everywhere. The fact that people were anxiously awaiting the fifth-generation iPad also gives me hope for sales growth.

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