Snippet: iPad Presentations ☇

Shared on March 19, 2016

Serenity Caldwell for iMore:

This might just explain my simultaneous horror and internal monologue last week, when my MacBook Air decided to take a bath in an open container of bottled water. And while it wasn’t a disatrous spill (as liquids-on-computers go), I was out in public, and couldn’t do a thorough cleaning nor drying. When I tried to plug my Air in later that evening, no dice: My laptop was toast, one week before I was scheduled to fly out and present at a conference.

I debated a couple different options, including the embarrassing thought of dragging my poor waterlogged computer to the Genius Bar or grumpily buying a 12-inch MacBook replacement, but decided against both. I simply didn’t have enough time.

After picking up a Dock Connector-to-VGA adapter back in 2011, I remember the amazement of exporting slides as a series of JPEG files and presenting using my iPhone 4. As time went on, I used my third-generation iPad for a few presentations and found Keynote to be really nice. Currently, I’m not doing any hardly at all, but it’s really nice to see that the iPad has continued to grow and be a great presentation tool. I think not having a Mac to fallback on makes the stakes higher, but also gives the iPad a provable track record.

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