Snippet: iPad Uses $1.36 of Electricity Per Year ☇

Shared on June 22, 2012

Julie Kuehl of The Mac Observer reports on an interesting study:

With the growing popularity of iPads, the Electric Power Research Institute, a non-profit research, development, and demonstration group funded by electric utilities, decided to look at just how much power they were consuming. They assumed iPads would get a full charge every other day, which would be more than is used by many people.

Their analysis showed the iPad consuming 12 kWh annually. And while costs will vary depending on location, they determined that to be worth $1.36 for the year. They also measured the energy consumption of an iPhone 3G, which came to 2.2 kWh per year for a total of $0.25. Compare that to a 60W CFL light bulb at 14 kWh for $1.61, a laptop PC at 72.3 kWh for $8.31, and a 42” television at 358 kWh for approximately $41.

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