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Snippet: iPhone vs. Galaxy Sales ☇

Shared on March 16, 2013

Philip Elmer-DeWitt offers some evidence for Fortune that Apple isn’t as doomed as analysts would have you think (via The Loop):

Lacking hard numbers (because Samsung doesn’t release them anymore) most analysts assume that the bulk of the Korean manufacturer’s mobile sales come from its low-end phones. According to Raymond James’ Tavis McCourt, Samsung’s high-end Galaxy line outsold the iPhone only once — in the summer of 2012, when many of Apple’s (AAPL) customers were holding out for the iPhone 5.

I can name a handful of iPhone 4 owners (myself included) who were in that group waiting for the iPhone 5. It’s going to be interesting once we start seeing actual quarterly sales numbers for the iPhones since it seems everyone is “winning”, depending on the week.

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