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Snippet: Jason Kottke on Halt and Catch Fire ☇

Shared on October 10, 2017

Jason Kottke:

…I got to appear on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire last night as a background extra. (Mild spoilers follow.) This season of the show is set in the 90s, but this episode flashes back to the 70s soon after Gordon and Donna get together. My scene takes place during this flashback and is pretty short. Gordon is at a gas station, waiting to use the pay phone. A man (that’s me!) exits the station with a 6-pack of beer, gets into his car, and drives off after Gordon crosses the pavement to the phone. And that was it! But as a big fan of the show — and I refuse to have any chill about this — it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in forever.

As Halt and Catch Fire is currently one of my favorite shows, I’m incredibly jealous of Kottke’s experience. Selfishly, I also wish the series would have a fifth season, as that would cause a jump to around the time of the dot-com bubble.

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