Snippet: John Gruber on the iPhone SE ☇

Shared on April 1, 2016

John Gruber takes a look at the iPhone SE and explains its place in Apple’s lineup:

“The iPhone 6S and iPhone SE are both great products, and both have great sizes — but for entirely different reasons. The SE is easier to pocket, easier to hold, and easier to use one-handed. The 6S displays more content, and is better for two-handed use — particularly when it comes to thumb-typing. Judging between these two devices, with no consideration for future devices, I personally am completely torn. But I lean toward the SE.”

A lot of comment sections and discussion boards have become an us-versus-them situation between those interested in the iPhone SE and those with some sort of larger iPhone. I firmly disagree with this, as the SE is not for everyone, just as the iPhone 6/6S Plus is not for everyone. If you look at it as an upgrade from the 5/5S/5C, it will be an excellent upgrade in a familiar shape. If you have a larger iPhone and decide to move to an SE, there is an adjustment, but it is a powerful phone at a great price. Apple has created a great conundrum for users in the market with an open mind.

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