Snippet: Josh Centers: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish ☇

Shared on November 29, 2022

Josh Centers in his farewell piece for TidBITS:

Many years ago, I was working a fairly normal, boring desk job with a long, stressful commute, and one of the ways I stayed sane was by listening to tech podcasts. I’d listen to TWiT, John Gruber’s The Talk Show, Mac Power Users, and all of that. On work breaks, I’d catch up on the latest tech news, especially whatever was coming out of Apple.

I developed a distant dream of becoming one of those Apple media people. Being published in Macworld magazine. Making the front page of Daring Fireball. Being interviewed on Mac Power Users. Maybe even publishing a book.

What a pleasant tale of hard work, passion, and a bit of luck—I hope Josh’s new role is as fulfilling as he hopes.

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