Snippet: Just Compaq ☇

Shared on May 23, 2012

Apparently HP has been selling some low-end rebadged products as “HP Compaq” models for the past few years, and soon Compaq will be marketed separately and cater to the low-end:

This non-cash charge relates to a change in how HP plans to use the “Compaq” trade name in its branding strategy going forward. As part of our focus on simplifying our marketing and customer experience, beginning in 2013, HP will change how it uses the “Compaq” brand for certain computing products. We will continue using the Compaq brand, but it will be used for basic computing at entry-level pricing. In the past, we have used the jointly branded name “HP Compaq” to describe certain computing products, but that approach will be discontinued. As a result of these changes, accounting rules compel us to change the carrying value of the “Compaq” brand, resulting in what is called “goodwill impairment”.

At least the Big Three automakers had the sense to kill off Mercury, Plymouth, Eagle, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Geo…eventually.

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