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Snippet: Landscape or Portrait? ☇

Shared on November 12, 2015

Serenity Caldwell:

In part, this is why I was so darn annoyed that the iPad Pro setup process was done in portrait mode. In landscape, the Pro feels like a computer. In portrait, I feel like I’m holding a jumbo-sized iOS device—and an uncomfortable one, at that. The setup screens haven’t really been optimized for the Pro’s size, so buttons are at far ends from one another, and the lack of landscape support means lack of Smart Connector, so you’ll be typing in all your information with the (not great) portrait software keyboard. Thumbs down all around.

I figured that Apple would’ve fixed this by now, especially since their “Smart” accessories have always put the iPad in landscape mode. That feels like the default, yet the setup process and rear Apple logo are portrait. I’d expect that the iPad Pro with a keyboard attached to the Smart Connector would realize the proper orientation. Heck, even the speakers can do it!

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