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Snippet: Lenovo Teases the Next Moto Phone with a Gloriously 2000s RAZR Ad ☇

Shared on May 21, 2016

Jacob Kastrenakes for The Verge:

Lenovo put out an ad this afternoon teasing the unveiling of Motorola’s next… something… that’s all about reliving the Razr’s incredible success in the mid-2000s. The phone really was everywhere. And as a former high school student who owned a Razr (which broke after like a year, by the way) and maybe had long hair, I gotta tell you, this ad is speaking to me in a very embarrassing way.

I used quite a few different phones in the mid-2000s, thanks to the ability to swap SIM cards easily, and the RAZR always had a place in my heart. The operating system wasn’t very good, especially contrasted with the Sony Ericssons I used, but the form factor and industrial design were excellent. For nostalgia’s sake, I really hope Motorola Lenovo does something exciting, rather than just release some sort of slim Android phone and slap the RAZR name on it. I’d love to see a minimal “second phone” that had some data capabilities, but wasn’t intended to replace your bigger, regular phone (much how some are using an iPhone SE in tandem with the iPhone 6S Plus).

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