Snippet: Less Tinkering ☇

Shared on August 29, 2012

Shawn Blanc talks about his possible move away from Yojimbo, but two sentences stuck out for me in regards to most of my Apple gear:

The longer I use my computer, the less and less I enjoy tinkering. I prefer to lock in with a handful of world-class applications and learn them inside and out.

I’m all for buying new gadgets and playing around to find out what works best, but once I develop a workflow, I want something that I’m familiar with and gets out of my way. I’ve heard the argument that iOS is “worse” than Android because you can’t customize every aspect and can only download apps from Apple’s store, but I’m satisfied with the options Apple provides and would happily trade changing the system font for higher quality third-party applications. Sure, there could be a few more features, but I think 95% of the time, there’s enough to keep me happy.

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