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Snippet: Let the Healing Begin (Remove “Songs of Innocence”) ☇

Shared on September 15, 2014

Apple now has a way to remove the free iTunes gift album “Songs of Innocence” by U2. While I think it would’ve been easier for them to just make it a free download for a limited time (like most Free ____ of the Week items on iTunes), crediting it to everyone’s accounts wasn’t the worst move. Unfortunately, if you had automatic downloads turned on, things worked a bit differently as explained by John Moltz:

Here’s what happened: They did not force this onto your iPhone. They credited your account with a purchase and your device was set to automatically download purchased songs.

Should they maybe have considered that people might not want this album and that musical tastes are very personal and maybe it should be opt-in and not opt-out?

Even if you don’t find yourself blurting out “I love U2”, it was a nice gesture from Apple that people took way too far. Deleting it and leaving it as a “purchased” item on your account is completely reasonable.

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