Snippet: Like Parenting Toddlers ☇

Shared on January 13, 2013

Nancy Gravley shares the proper way to behave at an Apple Store for The Mac Observer:

I, of course, am the perfect Genius Bar customer. If you don’t believe it just ask me. I would like to be able to say I learned what to do and not do from watching others, but of course that is not true. I learned how to be a passably good Genius Bar customer by making my own mistakes.

From my experience, most Apple Geniuses aren’t really on a high horse or a Nick Burns-type character, but just see so many people in a day. Throw in those who try to cram in time without an appointment and they have to go to triage mode. This wasn’t the case years ago, but with the popularity of iOS devices, and more customers looking to get around basic warranty rules. The lesson applies to just about anything—be nice, yet to-the-point, and you’ll probably get better service.

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