Snippet: Why David Sparks is No Longer Practicing Law ☇

Shared on January 12, 2022

David Sparks:

What stands out to me most when I consider my life as MacSparky is how much more I have left to do. I have so many ideas and so much more that I’d like to explore and share. I’ve been talking for the last year about contextual computing. I think this can change people’s lives, but I never seem to be able to get enough time to put enough attention on it. I’ve got other ideas that I would like to share and teach.

This sense of unfinished business stood out for me as I considered my two careers and started thinking about how I would report back to my friends in the Creator’s Guild about what I would do.

At one point, I asked myself if I got hit by a bus and was lying on the side of the street, where would I want more time: as MacSparky or as a lawyer? The answer was clear and immediate. I have so much that I want to still do as MacSparky. I’m good at being a lawyer, but I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove.

That led me back to the question I wrote when I first started this process, “What is my purpose in life?”

While it’s easy to say one should quit their job and pull all their time and effort in a passion project, Sparks discusses the motivation, process, and carefulness for the change for him. Considering how great the MacSparky content already is, I’m excited to see what it’ll look like with even more time devoted to it.

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