Snippet: Main Versus Only ☇

Shared on March 26, 2018

Initial Charge’s Michael Rockwell:

As Matt [Birchler] notes, the distinction of main computer instead of only computer is often lost in the conversation. This isn’t a zero-sum game — using an iPad doesn’t mean you have to remove Macs from your life entirely. Even the most adamant iPad-only nerds continue to use Macs on regular basis — myself included. The frequency might be decreasing as the platform’s capabilities grow, but the Mac still has a place in our lives. Albeit, on a much smaller scale.

I think this is a very worthwhile distinction, as most people have more computers per person than just a few years ago. I reach for my iPhone most often, followed by an iPad at home or an iPad at work as my main device for content creation/longer-form work. The tertiary devices in both instances are more like traditional computers: a Mac mini at home and a Chromebit at work. Those are relegated to very specific use cases or as a “second screen” for the other devices.

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