Snippet: Making Apple His Own ☇

Shared on June 15, 2014

Matt Richtel and Brian X. Chen in The New York Times offer a profile of Apple CEO Tim Cook with a variety of topics, including some details of his personal life, some of his decisions within Apple, and guesses for the future:

In the speech, he said his new awareness made him feel that no matter what you do in life, human rights and dignity are values that need to be acted upon. And then came the segue: His company, Apple, is one that believed deeply in “advancing humanity.” […]

Although the article starts off quite well, it immediately goes into the same old narrative comparing the Apple of Steve Jobs and the Apple of Tim Cook, using quotes from a few gentleman from Orca Health:

They found one thing particularly jarring in the keynote: Apple did not hew to its tradition of pairing hardware and software. Specifically, Apple introduced a program called Health — which helps consumers and doctors monitor health status, like heart rate or glucose levels — but did not also introduce a piece of hardware to measure those results. That is something the new smartwatch is rumored to do.

“They just released the software,” said Mr. Zeluff, sounding surprised.

“It’s something Steve wouldn’t have done,” Mr. Brown said. It’s an impossible comparison. But it’s the one that Mr. Cook is being held to, at least until he makes enough magic of his own.

Apparently everyone continues to ignore the slew of developer tools that were introduced at a developer conference.

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