Snippet: Mark Crump’s iPad Pro Usage Post-MacBook Pro Purchase ☇

Shared on December 9, 2017

Mark Crump:

Fraser Speirs — a long-time iPad-only advocate — is leaning towards getting another MacBook Pro. Fraser is famous for a piece he wrote about going iPad-only entitled: Can the MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad? It was an interesting reverse take on the whole “Can your iPad replace your laptop” argument that is bandied about.

I am both glad and disheartened to hear this. I was glad because it’s easy to get into a situation where taking a stance on something like going iPad-only is tough to back off from. Your identity can be wrapped up in “that guy who went iPad-only”. Inevitably, you hear from all the people who gave you grief about it two years ago with an extra helping of “told you so.” So, being able to publicly and critically assess whether a tool works for you, and change course if it isn’t, is a good trait. It’s disheartening that Fraser feels that iOS 11 doesn’t meet his needs anymore and he needs to use a Mac again.

Regular readers know I mostly use iOS for both personal and work tasks, but I’m not afraid to admit when I have to reach for a Mac or PC. I considered going back to a Mac at work for improved speed on some tasks, but after digging my old Mac out of the loaner pile, I found that things felt a bit awkward and cumbersome. Apparently I had retrained myself to be faster in iOS. Still, Crump’s argument that being able to reasses your tools is important, and the rest of his article is a good read.

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