Snippet: Matt Gemmell’s 2018 Resolutions ☇

Shared on January 3, 2018

Matt Gemmell:

On this first day of 2018, I’d like to talk about my resolutions for the coming year and beyond. Whenever I’ve followed this custom previously, I’ve been brief, and listed only my goals. Today, I’m breaking with tradition: I want to talk about my intended actions instead, and the reasons behind them — the main one being that 2017 was a pretty bad year for me.

Perhaps you had a fantastic 2017, maybe it was terrible. Either way, Gemmell breaks down some of the things that felt especially unproductive and toxic for him last year and offers some advice to try to make 2018 better. Personally, I’ve had plenty of stretches over the last year where I could identify with Gemmell’s frustrations and concerns and I think this post will be one that I revisit a few times before it drops out of my Safari Reading List.

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