Snippet: Matt’s Facebook Policy ☍

Shared on September 5, 2012

With Facebook integration coming very soon to OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6, my Patent Pending co-host Matt Bloomingdale takes a look at some of the “friends” he’s collected over the years:

Here’s the rub. When I go to make a phone call, flip through my contacts, or choose recipients to email, message, or share a photo, I now have to navigate 246 additional contacts on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. For many this may be welcome. for me it means clutter. Sure, I could simply choose not to link my Facebook account, however I lose the opportunity to connect with those I would I want to connect with. Apple’s current implementation is all or nothing. so, I’ve developed criteria to maintain my Facebook friends list in an effort to create some structure.

Although I’ve let my own Facebook account languish, the new optional OS integration may make me rethink some of my friends, too.

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