Snippet: May Contain Editorial Content ☇

Shared on October 21, 2014

Paul McAleer noticed Overcast’s Starter Kits for lack of diversity:

The Starter Kit is broken up into categories. As I was scrolling through these lists, I noticed something: there was a severe lack of gender diversity in almost every category.

I was curious if it was just me or not. So I went into each section and identified any hosts or co-hosts whose names are traditionally female, and verified those that were socially associated with either gender. If a description did not include any names, I chose to count it as not having female hosts or co-hosts. Here’s where things netted out as of August 27, 2014…

I like how Overcast sounds and brought my own subscriptions over when I started using it. I’ll admit, my subscription list skews mostly white-guys-talking-tech, so that leads me to the question: “Is it just that topics I enjoy listening to have fewer female and minority hosts, or is this a sample of podcasting as a whole?”

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