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Snippet: Microsoft Releases New Outlook App for iOS and Android ☇

Shared on January 29, 2015

Initially, I dismissed this release as another Microsoft tool that I wouldn’t necessarily need or use. Curiosity got the best of me and I installed it and added my work Exchange account to try and have found it to be pretty good. The app is mostly a rebranding of Acompli, which Microsoft recently purchased and brought in-house. Around the various sites reporting on this, a number of commenters have complained that Microsoft took the easy way out, but I don’t see it any different than Dropbox buying Mailbox, Apple buying Siri, or any other tech acquisition involving a startup. Kudos to Microsoft for realizing that someone was doing a better job than they were and bringing them into the fold to further develop a product category.

That being said, I still like Apple’s Mail app on iOS and may flip the switch to use my work email on there again, but for the time being, it’s nice to see what others bring to the table.

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