Snippet: MLB.TV Turns 10 Today ☇

Shared on August 26, 2012

Exactly ten years ago today, the first MLB game was broadcast over the Internet—it was the Rangers at the Yankees, and both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were playing, just not on the same team. Today, you can get MLB.TV in HD on almost everything and Derek Jeter shared his comments in a look back:

“Sure, you have access now,” Jeter said Friday in Cleveland, when asked about being part of the tech timeline. “Before, I remember growing up and we had the Cubs because they were on WGN, we had the Braves on TBS and then you had to wait for that Game of the Week that came on. Now, I mean, you have access to every team every day if you want. I think it’s a great thing for the fans.”

To celebrate, they are offering the MLB.TV Premium subscription package for $10 for the rest of the season—a pretty good deal if your team is still competitive, and you’re not in an area affected by stupid, archaic blackouts.

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