Snippet: Moving to Spotlight ☇

Shared on July 9, 2015

Ben Brooks:

After years of dedication to LaunchBar, I made the move to Spotlight a while back. It’s been about 5 months now, and I honestly am perfectly happy. That’s odd to say, because Spotlight was something I always wanted to strip out of OS X, but with Yosemite (and now El Capitan), Spotlight really has become a powerhouse.

I was going to write an entire article on this topic, but it never got past the initial planning stage. Although a bit more narrowly-focused, Brooks’s post exemplified what I was thinking anyway, so I had to link to it. Still, switching to some built-in tools makes sense as I’ve found my actual versus perceived needs change over time, too. Although Apple’s built-in tools are sometimes lacking, they’re more often than not “good enough” and you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues or if there is an iOS counterpart. Even if you have some great third-party tools, give the built-in ones a try every now and then for context, especially as Apple continues to iterate.

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