Snippet: Mozilla Thunderbird to Be Discontinued ☇

Shared on July 7, 2012

There’s a lot of reaction to the discontinuation of Mozilla’s not-really-popular-anymore email client, Thunderbird. I used it for awhile back in 2005, but came back to OS X Mail due to the Address Book and syncing with iPods, and Exchange support in Mail sealing the deal a few years later. Despite that, I always liked that it was an option, and it was well-done, if not a bit buggy. Rather than a news story, I thought I’d share Thomas Brand’s comments from Egg Freckles, and completely agree with the statements on Linux:

Thunderbird failed to live up to Mozilla’s expectations because there was never any demand for an alternative email client to begin with. As platforms are closing, and computing appliances are taking over, Thunderbird is losing the little ground it once had, and Mozilla needs to concentrate on its primary money maker. Without a source of income, such as the build-in Google search in Firefox, I am not surprised Thunderbird is being dropped by Mozilla, but I am a little saddened nerds like me won’t have a decent desktop email client when booting into Linux.

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