Snippet: …Must Come to an End ☍

Shared on August 10, 2014

Matt Bloomingdale:

Currently, we have started work on our annual publication, The 2015 Student Affairs Feature, and we have some amazing articles scheduled for the coming months. We are still soliciting articles through December, but this year will be our last.

We wanted to let you know now. We didn’t want anyone to be taken by surprise. And, we wanted to give people who were still interested the opportunity to contribute.

I had the opportunity to help Matt with this project, mostly in the areas of testing, providing a fresh set of eyes on design, and improving the responsive layout, but even with all the nice design (if I do say so myself), Matt worked hard to solicit and share quality content. While the audience of this site and his are probably not completely the same, some topics can certainly be applied to various other fields.

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