Snippet: My Relationship With the iPad ☇

Shared on January 21, 2024

Chris Hannah:

I have a weird relationship with my iPad. I can go months without using it all, and then suddenly something switches in me, and I want to use it for everything.

While I’m not trying to blame anyone, I think a lot of this comes from me falling for the “what is a real computer” or the “everyone can work from an iPad” hype that used to be quite common on the internet.

Having owned various iPads over the years and even used one as my primary computer at work for awhile, I do think there was a time that a lot of tech folks wanted to apply their thoughts on the iPad’s usefulness for every use case. While the iPad worked for me, I recognize there’s some things the iPad just isn’t good at, and someone with an iPhone and a Mac can have all their computing needs met—heck, even just an iPhone would work for some (even now, for personal things, I rotate between an iPad mini and a MacBook Air, but my iPhone gets way more use.)

I think this equally applies to something like the Apple Vision Pro—at this point, I can’t justify spending the money on a device with cool tech, but no clear everyday use for me. However, I certainly won’t criticize the people who buy these, find usefulness, and love them.

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