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Snippet: Mysterious Antennas Are Appearing in Utah’s Hills and Officials Are Stumped ☇

Shared on January 9, 2023

Matthew Gault for Motherboard:

As first reported by KSLTV 5 in Utah, people first began noticing the antennas a year ago. They’re simple machines made up of a LoRa fiberglass antenna, a locked battery pack, and a solar panel to power it. The Salt Lake City public lands department has been pulling them down as they find them, and told KSLTV that there have been as many as a dozen.

No complaints about Gault’s reporting, but if random devices started showing up over a year ago, they’d take one to some sort of expert for verification. I know not everyone has a trove of “experts” at their disposal like Mythbusters or Pawn Stars, but this feels like it might be a fun mystery to solve.

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