Snippet: Naming the ‘iPhone SE 2’ ☇

Shared on October 14, 2019

Stephen Hackett on the rumored new budget iPhone, using an iPhone 8 chassis:

If it really is $399, it would be $50 less expensive than the iPhone 8, but if it comes with the A13, it doesn’t make any sense that it would be below the iPhone 8 in the lineup.

I think it is safe to assume that this iPhone will replace the current iPhone 8, while also being cheaper. Without the iPhone 8 in the way, Apple won’t be stuck with “8” as the brand ceiling, forced into the “SE 2” corner.

One could look at all of this and assume the name would be the iPhone 8S, but I think 9 is a better choice.

Ever since the initial rumors, I’ve been wondering what this iPhone would be called and how it will be positioned. Like the original SE, it would have mostly better internal components than more expensive models, but many older user-facing components (the SE sold alongside the 6 and 6S, this would sell at least alongside the XR). Replacing the 8 would be a good move to simplify the lineup and maybe even drop the Plus option, further cleaning things up. While it would be weird to have an iPhone 9 introduced now, it does fit and would actually correct the lineup a bit.

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