Snippet: NBC Suggests Live-Stream Problems Are Your Fault ☇

Shared on July 30, 2012

After not streaming the Olympics opening ceremonies, and tape-delaying, but live-tweeting events, NBC is already on thin ice with some tech-savvy viewers. Apparently now, if you have issues with the stream, it’s a you problem, not an NBC problem (via SB Nation):

Rick Cordella, vice president and general manager of NBC Sports Digital Media, said from London that extensive troubleshooting so far suggests that the technical problems might be with the bandwidth provided by cable operators, or users’ computers or devices.

Cordella said that tweaking will continue and that he hoped that the problems were resolved on Sunday.

Cable operators? That certainly sounds like (in some areas) like an NBC problem. As for devices, the question comes up if they’re struggling to keep up with other streams.

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