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Snippet: NetNewsWire Returns ☇

Shared on September 8, 2015

Black Pixel CEO Daniel Pasco shares the news:

We’re incredibly happy to launch the new NetNewsWire and its free, dedicated sync service. A considerable amount of hard work went into making the next chapter of this legendary and beloved application better than ever. Our goal was to release an update that featured a great user experience, solid engineering, and a modern take on the classic product.

NetNewsWire for iPhone and OS X is available for purchase on the App Store as well as directly from our website. At the introductory prices of $3.99 for iPhone and $9.99 for Mac, you can sync, read, and share all of your favorite articles from one beautiful app. The iPhone version will be updated to a universal app, including iPad and iOS 9 support, later in the month.

Although there’s still a long ways to go to get it back to the feature parity of versions of the past, it’s nice to see the release of a product that has been in beta for awhile and we’ve written about numerous times in the past. I’ll give it a try to see if it can replace the Reeder/Fever combo, which replaced NetNewsWire/Google Reader for me a few years ago.

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