Snippet: NFL Bans Beats Headphones On Camera ☇

Shared on October 4, 2014

Dawn Chmielewski for Re/code:

Under terms of its agreement with the league, the NFL confirmed, Bose received a broad set of rights that entitle it to prevent players (or coaches) from wearing any other manufacturer’s headphones during televised interviews.

This ban extends to TV interviews conducted during pre-season training camps or practice sessions and on game day — starting before the opening kickoff through the final whistle to post-game interviews conducted in the locker room or on the podium. The restriction remains in place until 90 minutes after the play has ended.

Obviously, companies will make deals with various sports leagues, but this is about as ridiculous as the deal that some took as an Apple logo ban. If football players enjoy Beats headphones, it’s not going to keep them from wearing them on their own time or endorsing them. In fact, this move may make Bose seem even less cool. Plus, the last NFL-exclusive deal hasn’t worked out the greatest.

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