Snippet: Non-Secure Network Connections in Carnival Cruise’s App ☇

Shared on December 1, 2018

Scott Gruby:

This past summer my family took a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines to the Eastern Caribbean. There were a total of 17 of us and we had a good time. One of the suggested ways for everyone to stay in touch was to use the Carnival Hub App which is basically their goto app for up to date information on the ship which has a messaging component. For $5 per device for the cruise, it didn’t seem all that unreasonable except that just about everything on the cruise costs extra! […]

Connections using the app were NOT using SSL! Since the WiFi was unprotected (it would be cumbersome to give out the WiFI password to so many users), anyone with rudimentary hardware/software could sniff all the traffic. SSL certificates are cheap and easy to deploy, so there is no excuse for every service to be using them (I use them internally on all services running at my house).

Is it so bad that the app isn’t using SSL as no credit card data is flowing through the app? Absolutely! People could be chatting about which rooms they are in and when they are going to meet giving criminals information about when to go into their rooms. People could also tell their friends/family what they have in their rooms making them targets for criminals (“I put the laptop/camera under the bed”, for example). Not only was chat not SSL protected, all other aspects of the app’s communication were sent in clear text.


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