Snippet: NotNewsWire ☇

Shared on March 18, 2015

Brent Simmons:

People ask me — on Twitter, in person, in chat, via email — how NetNewsWire is coming along. (I just got another email this morning.)

Answer: I don’t know. Yes, I do see Black Pixel employees in person once or twice a month, but they don’t tell me. (The employees I see don’t necessarily know. But, if they did, it wouldn’t be right to talk about internal stuff like that, so they don’t.) […]

I’d still be interested in buying it back, but I strongly suspect this is off the table, or so expensive that it wouldn’t make sense. (The expensive part isn’t the code, it’s the name.)

What I would have done with it: Mac version only. Syncing would be via Feedly, Feedbin, etc.

The idea is that it would be easy to get into — since it would sync with something you’re probably already using — and it would be easy to mix-and-match. You could run NetNewsWire on your Mac and Unread on your iPhone. (I use Unread: I’m a fan. There are other good readers, too.)

I was a fan of NetNewsWire from way back, bought a license for the beta of the new version around the same time the world of Google Reader imploded, and had high hopes for the new version. Now a few years later, it still doesn’t have sync (I actually need more across Macs than iOS devices), development has stalled, and I’ve moved on. I will still check out the final version when it ships, but it seems that Black Pixel has bigger fish to fry.

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