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Snippet: Of Course It’s Not Samsung…Probably RIM ☇

Shared on April 27, 2012

Who else in the mobile space besides Samsung has criticized Apple so much? Microsoft (and Nokia) are positioning Windows Phone 7 as the alternative to everything, while RIM is barely hanging on to survive. HTC’s recent ads have mostly focused around promoting a carrier-specific device, while Google often just talks about how great Google is:

According to SlashGear, the company [Samsung] stepped forth today and rebuffed any ties to the affair: “Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up Campaign’.”

For currently unknown reasons, a puzzling demonstration with anti-Apple cues occurred outside an Apple Store in Sydney April 22. A black bus boasted the phrase “WAKE UP” and a slew of paid picketers with coordinating signs paraded along George Street while chanting, “Wake up!”

Update: Apparently it may be RIM…and I was being snarky.

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