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Snippet: Old News: ATPM Shuts Down ☇

Shared on August 1, 2012

I usually made a point to check out the latest issue of About This Particular Macintosh when they were released or shortly after, and not only did I apparently miss looking for a June and July issue, but I also missed the May issue. It turns out the May issue was also the final issue. As such, I’ll be pouring one out for one of the best sit-down-and-enjoy Mac publications out there:

…In the past, there were always new people coming in to offset those departing, but that hasn’t been the case lately, despite our efforts at recruitment. Perhaps there are things we should have done differently, but there’s no denying that the online world has changed. People are no longer starved for information about the Mac and Apple; they’re deluged by it. And prospective writers no longer need to find a publication willing to carry their words; now anyone can have a site with a content management system with just a few clicks. The shift has been to instant publishing and ever shorter forms of communication

Go back and read the archives—you’ll find it’s time well spent.

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