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Snippet: On Apple’s Quarterly Earnings ☇

Shared on April 24, 2013

I really am ready to move on from the quarterly earnings commentary (we do have a bit in the upcoming episode of Patent Pending that was recorded yesterday), but Dr. Drang nails it:

I don’t use a Mac or an iPhone because of Apple’s balance sheet. I use them because they (usually) work for me, and I save my anger and frustration for when they don’t. I’m far more affected by an iCloud screwup than by the iPhone’s market share, by Lion’s removal of Save As… than by Apple’s stock price, and by Preview’s lack of AppleScript support than by anything Rob Enderle says.

Obviously, Apple’s health as a company is fun to watch, and more important if you own shares, but there’s a lot of noise making it seem like Apple is going out of business tomorrow. At the end of the day, I care that Apple will continue to exist and make great products.

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