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Snippet: On Paying for Software ☇

Shared on June 9, 2018

Seth Godin:

I like paying for my software when I’m buying it from a company that’s responsive, fast and focused. I like being the customer (as opposed to a social network, where I’m the product). I spend most of my day working with tools that weren’t even in science fiction novels twenty-five years ago, and the money I spend on software is a bargain–doing this work without it is impossible.

If I had a dollar for the times someone I knew proudly proclaimed that they only use free apps, I’d probably have enough money to quit my day job. Somehow, even for a few dollars, the majority of people don’t value quality software and would rather have annoying ads and privacy issues. For me, I’ll gladly spend a few dollars to try a promising app that was made with great care, and there are some companies that get a purchase from me no matter. In those cases, I’m a fan of their other works and want to support their business (not to mention, I’ll usually find a use for said product).

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